Norwest Mortgage - Forced to sell home by Norwest Mgt.

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My wife and I Had a mortgage on our homewith Norwest

We were making all of our payments as we were supposed to to them. After about 3 years of making payments we recieved a forclosure letter from the constable from norwest stating we were up for sherrif sale as we were 3 months behind on our payments. So I called Norwest the same day I recieved the notice and they indeed told me that I was 3 months behind and in forclosure. So I went to my bank and checked to make sure Norwest had recieved my money and they had cashed my checks and it was deposited into their account.

The lady at the bank called Norwest for me to find out what was going on and after about 45 minutes of heavt discussion Norwest finally found that they had credited someone elses account with my payments and that they would take care of fixing the problem. So 2 days later I get a call from a rep. at norwest mgt telling me how sorry they were about the mixup and that I should ignore any other papers that may be in transit between Norwest and myself.I was sure to get the phone number and name of the person who told me these things just in case.

low and behold about 2 weeks later the constable showed up again with forclosure papers but with a newer date.I called the phone number that I had gotten 2 weeks earlier from the lady who apologised for the trouble and was told that she was no longer with the co and that there was nothing that could be done at this time as my home was in forclosure so I had to hire a lawyer and still had to sell my home at short sale just to get out of the headach and stress it was causing in our lives.But I still never got credit for the 3 payments they credited to someone elses account.

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I hope you get this mess straightened out. How aggravating and stressful!!! Keep us posted.

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